My flight has been delayed for two times from 4.45 pm to 8.00 pm. And again me and my wife keep waiting in the waiting room and just loitering around. Nothing much to do . . .

Penang Airport

At last at 9.00 pm, we can board the plane. There were so many passengers but the seats still not full. View outside, can see another Indonesian Airasia Airlines beside . . .

Polonia Airport, Medan

A while only for about 30 minutes, we already in Medan, Indonesia. My wife fall asleep as soon as the plane was on the air. Estimated time reported by the Airasia crew was around 55 minutes. Not much too see since we moved in the night.


Tiara Hotel, Medan

Tiara Hotel, Medan

Early booked . . . straight from Polonia Airport, we took the blue hyundai taxi about 35 000 IR ( RM 13 ) , and we arrived at Tiara Medan Hotel around 1o.00 pm. Already late actually . . .

This Is The Man Who Cheat Me

My 'Beca' Taxi Driver

Next day in the morning we decided to go to the Bus Station heading to Parapat ( Danau Toba ) aftet that. This is the 'Beca', a man with three cycle transport. My first impression the fares could be cheap since it only a motor. This is the point when i started been " pow " by the locals.

Road In Medan

Child Labour : Usual Sigh in Medan

Child labour or buruh kanak-kanak on the busy road in Medan. An usual sigh here. The boys or girls were selling the newpapers, toys, crafts, and various types of peanuts.

Angkota : Angkutan Kota, Public Transport

ANGKOTA = short call for public transport in the city. Came from the word Angkatan Kota ( City Tranport )

Raja Taxi : Kijang Innova

Raja Taxi Agent : Dicussing fares to Parapat

These were the two agents of Raja Taxi. We bargaining the fare. At last we agreed the fare.

Here comes my taxi driver ( Kijang Innova )

Here comes our Kijang Innova taxi driver, the black T-shirt guy.

Suddenly our 'BECA' stopped. Two peoples came near to me and offer us seat to Parapat (Danau Toba). We discussing the fares . . . at first we are so afraid if the 'BECA' cheat and send us to the bad people or " PRIMAN" ( gangster)

We agreed with the Parapat fares, cost us about 200 000 Indonesia Rupiah (IR) - ( RM72 for two peoples ).

Before leaving to Parapat, we asked again the ' BECA ' man the fares. I'm so surprised to hear the fares was 50 000 IR (RM18). It was short journey only from Tiara Hotel to here. But what to do . . . I just pay the bill. This is the lucky day for him. I hated him everytime I see his face in the picture.

Semarak Hotel

Semarak Hotel : Owned by VIP in Malaysia (YB)

This is the Semarak Hotel owned by VIP in Malaysia. The guys there told me the VIP is YB Kassim in Malaysia.

Road To Parapat

Trip to Parapat : Toll kiosk in Tanjung Morawa

There also toll collect here in Medan. But I guess the tariff is low.

Trip to Parapat : a place call Bengkel, where traditional foods and cuisine sell . . .

A place name Bengkel. We stop here for a while after 3 hours in the Innova. Here is where 'dodol', junk food, art craft and traditional food were selling.

Trip to Parapat : Be on the road is too risky

This is how close we are with the incoming lorry. I'm really scared but I'm praying nothing will happend

Trip to Parapat : Entering the Simalunggun District

Entering the Simalunggun district . . .

Trip to Parapat : Town of Simalunggun District

As I remember there were so many horn banging . . . cars, vans, motorcycles keep making the sound . . . Medan and other places also not a peaceful when you are on the road. The way their drive and ride their transport are very very dangerous. Even when the traffic light is red, the cars and other vehicles keep moving. Traffic light is useless and sometimes the traffic policeman also not carry their duty. @sakit

Trip to Parapat : Girls in School Uniform

These were the school girls in their uniform . . .

Trip to Parapat : Batak Modern House

At the Batak's village house . . .

Trip to Parapat : At Full Capacity

There is no MAXIMUM limit

Trip to Parapat : Approaching The Parapat

View from inside the Kijang Innova. At last, we're closing the Parapat. The air surrounded getting cold and cold.

In Parapat at last after over 5 hours of travelling

Trip To Parapat : At last Im here

At the jetty to Samosir Island. Can see there are two boats waiting . . . we decided to stay in Samosir Island after we found out there is nothing special here in the mainland. Here in the Parapat the town looks little bit creepy . . . hahaha . . .

Heading For Samosir Island


My wife on the deck. Carefull . . . the boat operated once in a hour . . . the fares is only 7000 IR ( RM 2.50 ) each for one way.


We are on the move. Slowly we leaving the Parapat. We're only in Parapat for 30 minutes after 5 hours journey. . . We planning to stay at Tuk Tuk Village in Samosir Island. The are many places in Samosir Island and you should know where you want to stay.



In the middle of Lake Toba . . . very cold every times the wind whispered my skin . . .

Trip to Samosir Island : Green Hills

Can see the green hill at the unshaded area . . . in here the weather is alway cloudy

Trip to Samosir Island : The Friendly Batak Man

A Batak guy talking with us. Offering and promoting the accomodation for us to stay. Even with brutal face and appearance, this guy is nice.

Trip To Samosir Island : Cloudy Day

Trip To Samosir Island : Sunlight Penetration

Trip To Samosir Island : Sunlight Penetration

Amazing! I like this picture. Can see the sunlight burst and penetrate the thick cloud.

Trip To Samosir Island : Batak Man Going Madness

When he start getting crazy after asking by a japanese guy for a photo . . .

Morning On The Third Day

Trip To Samosir Island : Fisherman

Trip To Samosir Island :

Beautiful Flower In The Small Pond At The Carolina Hotel

Trip To Samosir Island :

Clear Water of Lake Toba .

Trip To Samosir Island :

Another flowers . . .

Trip To Samosir Island :

A Muslim restaurant nearby our hotel. But I can't guarantee you the food is 'halal' or not even the restaurant' signboard mentioned the "ISLAM MURNI"

We took a motorcycle ride to explore the island. 25 000 IR ( RM 8.80 )

Trip To Samosir Island :

Kerusi Batu or Stone Chair

Trip To Samosir Island :

Long time ago, King Batak lived and ruled in here.


Stone chair and round stone table where the King and old folks decide the punishment for a murder, robber and rapper.


This is the punishment. The murderer's head will be chop off after the murderer's black magic been removed or weaken by the King's shaman . The guy shows how the ceremony will be held .


A school in Samosir Island .


There is also a library equip with internet facility, money changer and motor rental .


Batak's girls were little bit shy when their picture taken by me . . .


Waiting for our boat. Going back to mainland .


Beautiful and peaceful island. Sayonara Island of Batak .


Clouds shrouded the peak of the hills.


After leaving the island, I'm realized that there is a waterfall . Only can spot it after zooming with my lens. So this the picture from far far away . . .


The gleaming of the water ..


Town nearby the water edge . . .


He and his shadow . . .


Town of Parapat . . .


Mosque on the roadside during leaving the town . . .


Again, the downhill view . . . fresh water fish in the cage . . .


Small and quite : shortcut road to Berastagi. Story from my driver, long ago this road is very dangerous. Many robbery by "priman"= gangster/badman. So tourism here little bit effected by the robbery. The Indonesia authority sent the polices acting like tourists here . . . and shots dead the robbers. Since that there is no more robbery case hear .


Like western countries , there were also Pain Trees in here . . .


This the massage oil comes from . . . in bahasa, this is the Pokok Kayu Putih.


I like to describe bald hills as mild seven hill. Is this the volcano eruption effect long time ago . . .


When I first hear it, I though Samosir Island is only a small island in middle of the Toba Lake. But after I arrived there yesterday, my perception changed. You will need a whole day to explore the island by motorcycle . From the picture can see the end of the island edge side.



Pupils in Malaysia and other places . . . where everyday your school bus pickup you . . . Looks how the Indonesian pupils goes to school. Thanks to Allah .


Again . . .


Can you imagine this boys and girls must walking for 7-9 km to go back to their home. Walk and climb up and down the hills.

continue ...






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