National Geographic December 2007

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Nat Geo Cover For December 2007

Features Inside

Visions Of Earth

Butterflies spatter the shoreline of the Juruena River in Brazil's new 4.7 million-acre Juruena National Park. Several different species flock to the riverbanks to sip mineral salts from the sand.


A century ago, Americans were standing taller than Europeans. But today they look up to Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Czechs, Belgians, Germans, and the Dutch, who now lead the pack.

UNICEF puts the Netherlands at the top for child well-being among the 21 wealth nations. The U.S ranked in the bottom third.

Picture : Dutch height is out of sight. At 6'9.9'', Gabor Fluit dwarfs his 5'1.4'' Vietnamese wife, Suong. ----->>

Bethlehem Walled In

The 24-foot-high wall encircling Bethlehem on three sides provides a canvas defiant slogans.
It is part of a 450-miles barrier, more than half complete, that will annex 10 percent of the west Ban as it enclose dozens of Jewish settlement east of the Green Line.

Residents of Beitar Illit, a fast-growing settlement of Orthodox Haredi Jews, shy from having their picture taken at a bus stop above town.

My comment : It was so funny to see some kind of idiot and shy fellow with they weird costume on the street. Look at them....try to hide their face . . .ha ha

On The Wings Of Albatross

A Salvin's albatross glides, at one with the sky. An eight-foot-long wings...and still not the widest wings open ....what a wonderful creature ...

It begin with a bow. . .Then a gaze. . .then they rise as on tiptoe, beak to beak . . .The dance goes on, intimate, noisy and squawking . . .

Deign to touch shore only when it involves sex . . .

Land is an inconvenient necessity for breeding.....

A Laysan adult spits out a blu jar lid-a potentially fatal meal for its chick.


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